Sketches and Photos

 We need a hand drawn sketch of the room layout from you such as this. View Layout here. It does not have to be perfect or done on a computer. However, please:

  • Ensure that all doors (and which way they open), windows, radiator positions, fireplaces, built in cupboards and shelves and socket positions are shown.
  • Stipulate all measurements in cms.
  • Include a note referring to the ceiling height.
  • Measure the distance from the floor to the bottom of the window and the window height.

How to photograph your room

View diagram here.

Step 1 Stand in position one and take a photo of the opposite corner of the room.

Step 2 Stand in position 2 and take a photo of the opposite wall.

Step 3 Continue taking photos from each of the positions.  Look at the photos to check that you have captured the entire room.  If you feel that something is missing, feel free to send us as many photos as you like.  Also, don’t forget to photo any pieces of  furniture which must form part of the scheme.

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